Episode 9.5: That… is a Promise

Four Days Earlier.

Two black Towncars hummed noiselessly in front of Krystal Cabot’s house. As the engines cut off, the doors simultaneously opened and six men in black suits filed out of the vehicles, their footsteps falling lightly on the pavement as they made their way up the walkway to the front door. If inconspicuous was what they were going for, they had failed visually, but at least they were quiet.

The last to arrive to the door was Kaleb, towering at least half a foot above all of the men, his red hair anchored into a slim ponytail like a dagger down the center of his back. He held a green sealed jar under his left arm. With a simple flick of his wrist the front door opened. Two of his men stood at the entrance of the door while the other four entered the home.

“Look for anything that would give us a clue as to her whereabouts. I’m sure the Sisters of Amali visited her here; I can smell it” Kaleb said, closing the front door behind him.
The men split up, each one going to search the bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. The noises of drawers and cabinets opening and closing, of items being tossed to the ground, of boxes being opened filled the house.
Kaleb stood in the foyer and inhaled deeply. His lifeless mouth pulled itself into a grimace.

“The scent is almost gone, but it’s enough for you, Jelphy,” he said, tapping the top of the jar in his arms.
He knelt down, and removed the enchanted paper seal over the lid. The lid rattled as an other-worldly hiss emanated from inside the jar. Kaleb slowly unscrewed the lid, and a shapeless yellow form floated from the jar. It was partly translucent, like a sheer curtain, and flickered like a lightning bug in a rhythmic pattern, as if it had a heartbeat, or breath. It hovered around the foyer, and then made a quick dash to the living room. It paused above the couch, its form flickering more rapidly and stretching around the seat cushions and arm. It made another strange hiss, more high-pitched and layered as if there were many of them speaking at once, and they were excited.

“Ah, you have something for me, boy?” His mouth lifted into a half smile, his cold eyes widening. He walked over to the couch, and inhaled deeply again.

“Collect, boy,” he ordered. Jelphy hissed an affirmative, and his stretched form expanded, surrounding the couch in a transparent yellowed cocoon. It stayed still for a moment, while something small and red slowly grew at its center. Jelphy deflated back into his normal shape, and the red object dropped onto the seat of the couch. It was about the size of a walnut and shone like a ruby. Kaleb picked it up and placed it in his front pocket.

“Very good, Jelphy. Back in your home.” Jelphy floated his flickering form back to the jar and poured himself in. Kaleb resealed it, and picked it up. As he stood, one of the men walked over to him with an index card that had an address written on it for a place called Nealy Storage Facility.

“Found this on the kitchen counter, Sir,” he said. Kaleb took it, and inhaled the ink deeply.

“Hm. This was written recently. Send Melba and a team over there. Maybe we can intercept and… sway them to our side.” The man nodded and pulled out his phone.

“And if they say, “no,” sir?”

Then be convincing,” Kaleb replied curtly, and walked toward the door.

“Are we done here, then?” the man asked. Kaleb nodded.

“Move out!” The man called, and all the men swiftly left behind their tasks and walked out of the door.

Kaleb took one last look around the house, and pulled the red stone out of his pocket, holding it up in the light. If he looked closely enough, we could see wisps of energy swirling in the center of it.

“We will find you this time, Sisters. No matter where you hide. That…is a promise.”

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