Episode 9.5: That… is a Promise

Four Days Earlier.Two black Towncars hummed noiselessly in front of Krystal Cabot’s house. As the engines cut off, the doors simultaneously opened and six men in black suits filed out of the vehicles, their footsteps falling lightly on the pavement as they made their way up the walkway to the front door. If inconspicuous was … Continue reading Episode 9.5: That… is a Promise

Episode 8: As Far As We Know

“Wait, LILLIAN? How are you STILL ALIVE? WHERE ARE YOU?” My own voice reverberated in my head, as if hitting a cave wall.“Breathe, Krystal. You sound like you’re yelling on speaker phone. Try to remain calm when sending your thoughts.”“Sorry, is this better?”“You’ll…get there. It’ll take time. Something you have very little of at the … Continue reading Episode 8: As Far As We Know