About Alyce

Alyce Hayes has been writing since she could hold a pencil at the tender age of 2. Before she knew what letters were, she pretended to read newspapers and had a burning desire to fill any piece of paper she found with toddler scribbles (much to her mother’s displeasure).

Her passion for the written word grew throughout her school years, and she was first published in her local paper when just a Sophomore in High School.

Alyce is currently writing an untitled Urban Fantasy series about a reluctant psychic tasked with saving the world.

Throughout her decades of experience, Alyce has also published content for the entertainment, non profit, and tech industries. She enjoys writing of all kinds, but she finds it much more exciting to bring her own worlds to life on paper.

When not writing, Alyce enjoys singing in the band The Mendenhall Experiment, reading, animes, yoga, gaming, attending live shows and re-watching episodes of Firefly.